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Mentored Learning

Integrating technology in education and providing mentoring support

Mentored Learning

Integrating technology in education and providing mentoring support

Making Youths Job-ready

Intensive employability readiness program for graduates

Creating Women Entrepreneurs

Helping women to set-up micro-enterprises and scale-up to become job-creators

Our Mission

Better Education, Employability and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Access to Healthcare

BharatCares strives to provide better education, employability skills and entrepreneurial ecosystem support to underprivileged communities. We aim to transform 25000 lives by 2025 with a focused approach in education and livelihoods. We are gearing up to provide better healthcare access to 500,000 households by 2025 through our partnerships with government, local municipal corporations and corporate foundations. Our work with existing hospitals, improving their infrastructure and adding more capacities has helped us in moving faster towards achieving our mission.

Our Impact


3,684 +
Students & Teachers
14,736 +
Lives Impacted

Women Empowerment

745 +
Women Supported
2,980 +
Lives Impacted

Digital Skills

3,64,709 +
Impacted Youth and Students
Conducted Masterclasses and Orientation sessions

Road Safety

2,20,200 +
Imapcted People

Life Skills

1,30,000 +
Students Impacted

Healthcare Provision

2,100 +
Support patients Daily
120 +
Supported Doctors and Medical staff
9,309 +
Impacted Children, Adolescent Girls and Women


8,300 +
Grafted new plants
Households Impacted
17,300 +
Impacted Lives

Last Updated by December 2022

Partners in Our Journey

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Our Projects

STEM on Wheels Program

The program aims to strengthen the education system by promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and experiential learning among students through a canvassed STEM on Wheels Van...

Better School Initiative

Bharat Cares has initiated ‘Better School Initiative’ to develop a model learning environment in the government schools by upgrading the schools through providing necessary tools...

ACT SMART India Initiative

ACT SMART is the flagship India program of the Global Smashed Online project. Designed by Collingwood Learning in the UK, it is part of a global effort to develop essential life skills...

Urban Forests (Miyawaki)

Due to increasing pollution, cities' air quality index is speedily degrading, causing adverse impacts on the health of the citizens. To reduce the carbon footprint in urban India...

BharatCareer- Youth Job Readiness Program

BharatCareer-Youth Job Readiness Program is a flagship initiative under BharatCares (by CSRBOX) that aims to serve as a pathway.....

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Become a Bharat e-Shiksha Volunteer (BEV) today!

If you are an educator/ graduate/ pursuing graduation and have 20 learners in your vicinity who are from the marginalised communities.....

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