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IBM SkillsBuild: Building Technical, Digital and Workplace Skills in Students and Educators

About the Initiative

In line with the New Education Policy and New Digital India, IBM SkillsBuild is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiative of IBM that equips learners above the age of 13 years and educators with foundational technology, digital and workplace competencies required in the 21st century. It is a free web-based platform designed to provide relevant workplace skills to anyone in the world so they can be successful in this digital era.

Problem Statement

Covid-19 has drastically affected the lives of people across the globe. UNESCO estimated that more than 321 million students in India were at home without learning and guidance when the pandemic began.
We also saw that traditional practices of in-person classrooms and teaching became obsolete. The education ecosystem was trying innovative ways to reach out to children. One side of the problem was the massive challenge; on the other side, it presented an opportunity to relook at our education system and bring innovations that prepare students for new collar careers.
According to a recent study by Mckinsey, in the next 10 years, 50% of the jobs will be changed by automation and 5% will be eliminated. The report also mentioned that 9 out of 10 jobs in future requires digital skills. It means that if these skills demands are not matched, then by the end of 2022, 205 million will be unemployed. Pandemic has re-emphasized the need for us to ensure that the future candidates for these jobs are capable of competing and sustaining at that time. In conclusion, education needs to be relooked across all age groups keeping the demand and supply of skills in mind.

The Solution

IBM SkillsBuild is a multifaceted digital skill learning platform that equips students and educators with technological, digital and workplace competencies. The platform offers free online courses and digital badges in topics such as AI, data science, cybersecurity, Job readiness, Professional Skills, Philanthropy, Gender etc. The course materials are composed of different sections that students can explore at their own pace. They contain a mix of short videos (with written transcripts available), images, explanations, and activities. It makes it easy and fun to learn while creating an environment to learn. The platform also personalizes the recommendation based on hobbies, interests and career opportunities. In Conclusion, the platform is the opportunity for students and teachers to build competencies and awareness about the future of skills and make informed decisions about their careers. For more details, explore the platform here.
The skills offered by the platform :

Technical Skills Professional Skills Expand your horizon skills
• Artificial Intelligence
• Blockchain
• Cloud Computing
• Cybersecurity
• Data Science
• Internet of Things
• Mainframes
• Programming & Coding
• Quantum Computing
• Communication
• Critical Thinking
• Creative Thinking
• Digital Literacy
• Financial Literacy
• Leadership
• Mindfulness
• Problem Solving
• Study Skills
• Art, illustration & design
• Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
• Giving back, philanthropy
• Let's make something!
• Media-Audio & music
• Media-Photos & Video
• Money games!
• Sustainability
• Unconscious bias

Primary Stakeholders

IBM SkillsBuild for Students & Educators Platform allows students to lead themselves on a tour of what technology is & can be and imagine having an exciting career in the future. It provides them an opportunity to take their first steps to build skills & earn no-cost digital badges that will help them stand out as they apply to potential colleges, internships, or employment opportunities.

Educators IBM SkillsBuild for Students & Educators allows educators to easily share new learnings with their students. Facilitate fun sessions covering topics such as AI, design thinking and many more. Educators can monitor & track their progress and supplement their existing curriculum with new resources to help their students build the skills essential in the 21st century.


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