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Banking and Finance Skill Development Program with Placement Support

About the initiative

BFSI Skill Development Program is an initiative under BharatCares (by CSRBOX) that aims to open the avenues for the aspiring youth of our country who are keen on making their career in banking and finance sector. It is a placement-linked training program to prepare the 12th pass students, final year undergraduate and graduate students for the jobs-market in the BFSI sector. The program focuses on equipping the students with the BFSI skills and relevant job-readiness skills to make them career-ready.

Problem Statement

The projected manpower requirement of the BFSI labor force by 2022 is 8.5 million - which is an increase of about 4 - 4.5 million from where we stand today. Many leaders in the industry agree that skill development is an issue that needs attention as we seek to grow as an industry and forge ahead as critical part of the Indian economy.

Why Banking and Finance Skill Development Program?

BFSI Skill Development Program is designed to prepare young graduates and 12th Pass students who are willing to begin their career in banking and finance sector. While on one side we work to prepare youths for their career, on the other side, we also work with employers to identify potential employability avenues and then host Career and Job Fairs for these youths.

Salient features of the program

1. 45 days onsite program
2. Expert Led Session of 1-1.5 hours
3. 100 Percent Placement Support
4. Activity Based Learning
5. Interactive Learning
6. Customised domain specific lectures for Graduates and 12th Pass Dropouts
7. Batch Size (15-20 students Per batch)
8. Visit to banks for more exposure

We are currently running our centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Who can attend the Program?

12th Pass Dropouts, Graduates passed out in 2020 and 2021

What Program Curriculum cover?

1. Introduction to banking and evolution of commercial banks
2. Bank Deposits
3. Lending principles and loan policy
4. Bank Investments and Policy
5. Statutory Reserve Requirements
6. Para-banking Activities
7. Relationship between Banks and Customers Strategy
8. Customer Relationship Management
9. Know Your Customers (KYC)
10. Evolving Trends in Modern Banking Technology
11. Industry Expert's Sessions
12. Visit to Banks

How does it work?

1. Mobilisation: 12th Pass Dropouts and graduates will be mobilized through the personal network, field mobilisation, social media promotions etc.
2. Counselling: Detailed and appropriate counselling to the learners at the time of enrollment will be provided to understand the learner's objective for choosing the program
3. Training: Training will be provided by the experienced experts in the field of banking and finance domain
4. Assessment: Weekly and final assessment to be conducted to measure the learner' progress
5. Placement: 100% placement assistance will be provided to the learners with the leading banks and finance companies

Glimpses of our training program

If you are interested to be the part of this program, get in touch with us at 7859892536.