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Wrong Side of the Road

About the Program

Wrong Side of the Road is a flagship program under CSRBOX which essentially serves as a solution to the increasing road accidents which are caused due to rash driving, drunken driving and over speeding. The Project enables responsible road user behavior, follow the Road safety protocols, and educate about Anti Drink and drive through live examples to the participants. The Program is designed to deliver preventive road safety education to more than 1,00,000 stakeholders who are between the age 18 – 45 years.
Wrong Side of the Road Project is a 45-minute module which combines a powerful video-based content, with a curricular attitudinal assessment, to spark the behavior of responsible road usage amongst the drivers/motorists/general road users. This Road Safety Education is being delivered with Master Trainers, Setting up Driver-Sensitization tab-labs and Webinars in more than 26 States in India.

Salient features of the Program

• Preventive Education on Anti – Drink and Drive
• An Effective Road Safety Education for Real life situations
• Industry recognized Certificates
• A highly interactive Social Behavioral change tool for more than 1,00,000 population
• A mission to ensure safer roads, safer vehicles, and safer road users

Global Problem: India

Every year, the road traffic mortality is increasing exponentially, irresponsible driving, drunken driving are the persistent behavioral problems that every country is facing. India shares only 2% of the global vehicle ownership but increasingly contribute to more than 12% of the Road accidents globally. In India, every hour there are at least 20 fatal road accidents that take place due to rash driving, over speeding or drunken driving which are majorly a behavior driven acts. While the impaired driving can lead to fatal death, serious injuries to the drivers and sober pedestrians and moreover the experience leaves the people involved in it with scars for lifetime. Alone in India every year, over 2,60,000 deaths are attributable to alcohol in which 50,000 lives could have been saved with just an effective enforcement of laws.
The magnitude of the problem is such that globally drunk driving is the 8th leading cause of the death where this problem costs at least 3 – 5% to the Governments.

Wrong Side of the Road: As a Solution

The Project is being implemented through a webinar model to the higher educational institutes with master trainers. A digital driver sensitization, Tab-Labs one of the first in its kind in India have been set up in 5 different Regional Transport Office, Physical Workshops are being conducted in more than 23 villages in rural India for ensuring responsible road user behavior and decreasing road accidents in India.

Wrong Side of the Road: Achievements

• Positive attitudinal change in more than 10,000 participants
• 5000 College Students
• 3000 Driver citizens
• 2000 Employees
• Partnerships with 5 Regional Transport Offices
• Delivered in more than 11 States
• 5 Government Partnerships

Proud Partners:

Dalmia Foundation

Amity University

Ambuja Cement Foundation

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For more information, get in touch with Mr. Sampath Hari at sampath@csrbox.org, 7011251054