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BharatCares (by SMEC Trust-a registered trust) is a not for profit organization in India and operates as ‘CSRBOX Foundation’ with BharatCares platform. The organisation is the social impact arm of CSRBOX and it works as a CSR project implementing agency for companies in India.
As an organisation, our core focus has been:

  • Respond to COVID-19 pandemic by providing critical healthcare related support through ‘Oxygen Centres’
  • Empowering girls for better education and quality of life
  • Leveraging power of technology for delivering on 3L approach in education (Learning, Life Skills and Library)
  • Improving employability potential of adolescent girls
  • Supporting enterprises led by women
  • Community focused healthcare interventions
  • Strategic interventions for non-communicable diseases (NCDs)


We believe in innovations, technology and scale for providing solutions to the problems that we as a society have been grappling with. We identify innovative and simpler solutions for the challenges in the areas of education, healthcare and livelihoods and then create models that can be scaled-up. We design, develop and deploy best-fit solutions for community-problems by working with innovators, incubators and funders. Our programs are based on demographic needs assessment, and are co-designed with communities to ensure equity, acceptance and sustainability of the interventions. We call it a social impact experience canvas.

Simply put, BharatCares (SMEC Trust) works as a social solution bridge for communities, innovators and funders to get the best implementation model in place. While doing so, we are always guided by three key pillars of social solutions:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Scalable or replicable


Better Education, Employability and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Access to Healthcare

BharatCares strives to provide better education, employability skills and entrepreneurial ecosystem support to underprivileged communities. We aim to transform 25000 lives by 2025 with a focused approach in education and livelihoods. We are gearing up to provide better healthcare access to 500,000 households by 2025 through our partnerships with government, local municipal corporations and corporate foundations. Our work with existing hospitals, improving their infrastructure and adding more capacities has helped us in moving faster towards achieving our mission.