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1500+ Students Impacted

Reached across 8 Government Schools in Sanand, Gujarat


To furnish all children with the STEM knowledge and curriculum to support our young generation and encourage them to be an innovator


The scope for STEM education in India is massive. With the NEP also recognizing the need for a system that encourages critical thinking, hands-on working and creativity, STEM education is poised to be the next major revolution in the Indian education system. In lieu of this, we want to develop a model learning environment in schools that functions dynamically to embed the application of taught concepts and knowledge materials rather than simply pursuing a question- answer based learning. The four disciplines of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are the four pillars of our economy and will play a crucial role in preventing any future crisis. Therefore, we propose to implement a triad solution that provides students to interact with scientific and mathematical concepts in real life and unleash their creative capacities. Hence, we suggest the proposition of collaborating with the existing schools and incorporating the STEM syllabus in their existing time-table.

Our Intervention:
Through STEM for Bharat initiative, we aim to:
• Enable students to solve real-life problems by using the knowledge which they acquire from STEM learning.
• Enhance innovative skills such as computational thinking, problem-solving skills, Creative thinking, logical reasoning, better decision making, and good observation power.
• Deliver quality STEM education by conducting various practical activities, workshops, hands-on practice and experiential fun learning that help students to learn various concepts and skills.

Two Models of Intervention:

STEM for Bharat-Mobile Van: a STEM mobile van, with an ideology of catering 8 schools using a single mobile van and catering to 1500+ students as well as capacity building of teachers. The van equipped with science kits under the initiative will travel to the doorstep of remote schools. The STEM mobile van comprises science demos, working models and DIY kits covering a wide range of topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for Class 6th to 8th mapped to their existing course curriculum.

STEM for Bharat-Lab in School: Setting up STEM labs in schools which will comprise science demos, working models and DIY kits covering a wide range of topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for Class 6th to 10th mapped to their existing curriculum.