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In line with the National Road Safety call for the SADAK SURAKSHA - JEEVAN RAKSHA Campaign, Cruising Safe By Mercedes-Benz is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative aimed at fostering positive behavioral change among citizens regarding road safety in Pune. Cruising Safe By Mercedes-Benz will serve as an effective and successful behavioral change and awareness program through storytelling, live engagement, interactive movies and games, as well as small assessments to educate drivers in Pune on road safety.
This workshop employs a blended approach, combining live physical engagement with virtual elements through tablet devices. Each participating citizen driver will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Badge, and, most importantly, a reflective learning experience. This comprehensive initiative is designed to empower citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance road safety practices, aligning with the broader national campaign's objectives.
We believe that Cruising Safe By Mercedes-Benz will be an apt behavioral change engagement module for Licensed drivers/Learner drivers who visit the RTOs for tests, queries, renewals, etc for which a Digital Sense Lab will be set up in 3 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) of Pune District with Smart TV, tablets, furniture, and required physical infrastructure along with a facilitator on a completed.
Cruising Safe By Mercedes-Benz will create a sustainable impact in the lives of citizens and enable safer roads, safer vehicles, and safer drivers in Pune.


The goals of Cruising Safe by Mercedes-Benz Initiative, a comprehensive road safety program, are as follows:
Promote Awareness: Raise awareness among drivers about the importance of road safety, potential risks, and the adoption of safe driving practices.
Enhanced Education: Provide knowledge to educate drivers about traffic rules, safe driving techniques, and the proper use of safety gear.
Foster Responsible Driving: Encourage drivers to adhere to traffic rules, maintain lane discipline, use indicators, avoid distractions, and practice defensive riding to minimize the risk of accidents.
Collaborate with Stakeholders: Work closely with regional transport offices to develop and implement road safety policies, infrastructure improvements, and awareness campaigns.
Reduce Accidents and Injuries: Strive to reduce the number of road accidents, injuries, and fatalities through awareness & dissemination of information.
Measure & Evaluate: Continuously assess the effectiveness of the program through data collection and analysis to identify areas of improvement and refine strategies for maximum impact.




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DriverSense Labs Established


The Cruising Safe By Mercedes-Benz will be executed in a way that it's sustainable, and Mercedes-Benz has an exit strategy. The following are the key points which will make the program sustainable:
Space for the DriverSense Lab will be allocated by the District Administration at Zero cost.
In the 5 years, the DriverSense Lab Centre Manager & Facilitator role will be handed over to the RTO.