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Computer Training and Digital Literacy Program for Girls and Women

About the initiative

Computer Training and Digital Literacy Program is an initiative under BharatCares (by CSRBOX) that aims to provide basic computer and digital literacy training to the girls and women who have either dropout from the school or currently pursuing their education. The onsite training program has also opened up the avenues for housewives and married women who want to get the hands-on training in Computer and Digital Literacy Space.
The program focuses on bridging the digital divide by imparting the essential digital literacy skills to empower the girls and women.

Problem Statement

The status of digital literacy among women can be understood by this fact that the digital gender gap in India is huge. As per the recent survey conducted by National Family Health Survey, over 60 per cent women in 12 states and union territories have never used the internet. In comparison, more percentage of men that is 50% have used the internet.
Being a literate in the present context, is not enough. Literacy has now changed into digital literacy. It may be called the need of the hour, but disruptive changes this year have spurted the urgency for digital literacy among both men and women. With the world changing, technology becomes the inevitable part of everyday life. The technology is being used everywhere starting from our homes to schools to hospitals to offices and more.
The pandemic also increased the use of digital technology and opened new platforms for e-commerce and online learning, enabling access to markets that were previously out of reach for women micro-entrepreneurs and women’s collectives.

Why Computer Training and Digital Literacy Program for Girls and Women?

Under this initiative, we are working on equipping the students with the basic computer and digital literacy skills to make them ready for the current digital era.
As technology proves to be a great equalizer in an unequal world, BharatCares’ Computer Training and Digital Literacy Program works on making these women and girls digitally literate. The program focusses on 2 major pillars:

The 1-month onsite training program led by instructor makes these women and girls digitally-ready by providing training on basic computer skills, skills needed to navigate a smartphone, to create an email account and use it effectively, to make digital payments and more.
We are currently running our centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Primary Stakeholders

What Program Curriculum cover?

The program is divided into 2 segments and covers the following skills.

How does it work?

1. Mobilisation: Dropouts, School students, housewives, married girls and women will be mobilized through the personal network, field mobilisation, social media promotions etc.
2. Counselling: Detailed and appropriate counselling to the learners at the time of enrollment will be provided to understand the learner's objective for choosing the program
3. Training: Training will be provided by the experienced experts in the field of computers and digital literacy.
4. Assessment: Weekly and final assessment to be conducted to measure the learners progress

Glimpses of our training program

If you are interested to be the part of this program, get in touch with us at 7859892536.