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Bharat e-Shiksha offers you the chance to make a real difference in tackling one of India’s most pressing challenges — educational inequity due to the digital divide. While engaging as BEVs, you will become a part of the solution and develop as a change agent in society.

Anyone who is an aspiring or emerging educator or has substantial experience in teaching delivery can join as a Bharat e-Shiksha Volunteer. The candidates should qualify following mandatory criteria;

  • BEVs should have completed 18 years or above before 1st May 2021
  • BEVs can either be undergraduate students from senior years of college (3rd/ 4th year), graduates with a bachelor's degree in any stream, or school teachers/ tutors currently engaged full-time in public/ private institutions
  • We are gradually expanding the Bharat e-Shiksha across the country. Currently, we are inviting applications for Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Haryana
  • BEVs are expected to commit to a minimum of 9 months of volunteering to ensure sustained results, wherein, they dedicate at least 4 hours of engagement daily which includes the facilitation of learning devices as well as mentoring of students.
  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers with enthusiasm and grit to learn, innovate and transfer

Note: The volunteering opportunity is open to all who qualify the above mandatory criteria, and can engage homemakers or other community members who have a passion for teaching, however, aren’t a part of the active workforce currently.

  • Community outreach and student onboarding process to form a Learning Group
  • Taking over the custody of the digital learning devices and providing orientation to students to use the devices and the content available
  • Facilitating batch-wise use of digital learning devices provided through the programme
  • Student-specific mentoring to help overcome challenges in specific subjects and improve performance
  • Administering day-to-day operations of the Learning Group in terms of lesson plans, attendance, maintenance of devices, and assessments.

  • Sound internet connectivity (the programme will remit the monthly recharge for the internet pack)
  • A space that can accommodate 5-6 students at a time (considering all COVID-19 social distancing protocols) conducts the mentoring sessions and facilitate digital learning on a daily basis. This can be your residence, a classroom in your school, or a community hall/ common space in your neighbourhood that is easily accessible for a couple of hours daily.
  • A security deposit of INR 5,000 for the devices, which will be refunded (with interest) at the end of your volunteering tenure.

Yes, we envision BEVs to contribute on a part-time basis in a volunteering mode, wherein, the programme will cover minimum monthly honorarium and operational expenses for each volunteer.

The BEV-Kit will include digital learning devices, a wireless modem for internet connectivity, an e-Shiksha toolkit for step-by-step implementation to be carried out by the BEVs, attendance register, progress card formats, and stationery supplies.

BEVs are expected to commit to a minimum of 9 months of volunteering to ensure sustained results, wherein, they dedicate a minimum of 4 hours of engagement on a daily basis which includes facilitation of learning devices as well as mentoring of students.

Note: BharatCares does not charge any fee from the candidates for BEV applications. Please do not pay a fee to any individual or an organisation. All our applications are processed directly by our team and you will receive official emails from our team members with the domain @csrbox.org.

If you are an aspiring/ emerging/ experienced educator, you can enrol to become a Bharat e-Shiksha Volunteer by filling up the following form;

BEVs would receive an honorarium and allowance to cover operational costs on a monthly basis. The honorarium will be deposited in your bank account between the 7th-10th of each following month.

Each BEV is given operational go-ahead only when there are at least 16 students. For programmatic optimization, we have kept the ideal number at 20 for each BEV. If at any point there are less than 16 learners under a BEV, we will look at each BEV case to case basis.

As BEVs, you act as a change agent in the community and we expect a minimum commitment of 9 months. On competition of 9 months, BEVS can transition out by serving a 30-day notice period. We urge our BEVs to help us find an equally deserving replacement from the community to continue the programme without disruption. You will have to hand over the devices and other operational responsibilities to the new BEV assigned to the Learning Group.

Become a Bharat e-Shiksha Volunteer (BEV) today!

If you are an educator/ graduate/ pursuing graduation and have 20 learners in your vicinity who are from the marginalised communities and do not have access to digital devices, you may become a Bharat e-Shiksha Volunteer (BEV). If you know persons in your vicinity/network who may have an interest in this, please share this with them.

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